Q: Is Faith Lutheran Preschool church affiliated?
A: No. Faith Lutheran Preschool is run by Faith Lutheran Preschool Society and is not affiliated with any church.

Q: Is there any Bible teaching included in your program?
A: Our programming does not include any Religious/Bible teaching.

Q: How old does my child need to be to attend?
A: Faith Lutheran Preschool serves preschool ages three to five years. In order to register, children must have
reached the age of three by December 31 st.   If your child is not three until January, they may be eligible to register in
January providing that there is space available.

Q: My child isn’t toilet trained, can she still attend preschool?
A: We accept children that are not fully toilet trained, providing they are not having regular bowel movements during
class time. While teachers would be able to change your child’s diaper if a bowel movement occurred it would not be
possible to do so on a regular basis since there are no diaper changing facilities within the classroom. Our Teachers
are more than happy to work with your family and continue the toilet training plan your child is used to. We ask that if
your child is not fully toilet trained, that you bring in extra diapers, pull-ups and cleaning wipes in case your child
needs them.

Q: Do you have separate classes for three and four year olds?
A: While many preschools offer separate classes for 3 and 4 year olds, all of our classes are mixed ages. Mixed age
classes allow children to learn leadership skills, provides motivation for younger children and many opportunities for

Q: How many children and teachers per class?

A:We have a maximum of 20 children per class with a minimum of 2 teachers.

Q: Can we come visit the centre?
A: Of course! Every year we have an Open House to welcome parents to have a look at our preschool and meet the
teachers. This event typically occurs in early February and the specific date is posted on our website. If you are
unable to come to the Open House, please call the preschool to arrange an alternate time to visit.

Q: What is the registration process?
A: Returning children will have priority to register at the end of January. This will include siblings and returning
families. New families will be able to register in early February. Please check the website for updates.

Q: Do you have a wait list?
A: Registration for classes are taken on a first come/first serve basis. When a class becomes full, we will begin a wait list
for that class and let families know when a space comes available. We also maintain a wait list for children that are waiting
for a January start. Families on the January wait list will be contacted in December to let you know what spaces are

Q: Do you supply snacks?
A: Parents are required to provide a healthy snack and a water bottle for their child. Throughout the year, there may be
special occasions where the preschool will provide a snack. There may also be times where we will ask parents to bring
food items for sharing such as our Christmas and Goodbye Friends potluck lunches and our Thanksgiving sharing snack.

Q: What type of food allergy policies do you have?
A: Our food allergy policy is based on the seriousness of any allergies that may be present during the school year. The
teachers will work closely with families of children with allergies to develop a plan that will provide their child with a safe
place to attend preschool. If there are any food allergies or medical conditions, please inform us so that we can take the
necessary precautions.

Q: Is there a Transition Period for my child?  How do parents handle Separation Anxiety?
A: When beginning in September, there will be a 2 week “Gradual Entry” period. During the first week of preschool,
classes are 45 minutes. Parents/caregivers are encouraged and welcome to stay with their children while they meet their
teachers and classmates and become familiar with the preschool classroom. During the second week, classes are 1½ hours.

Parents are encouraged to stay for a few minutes at the beginning of the class and then say goodbye.
This week of shorter classes gives children a chance to adjust to the separation process.  
If your child is starting Preschool at any time other than September, there is no formal gradual entry period. However,
teachers will work with families to set up a gradual entry period if it is needed.
Never try to sneak out while your child is engaged in an activity.  Always give a kiss or hug and say “goodbye” and most
importantly, always say that you’re coming back.  Teachers are available to help any child who is having a particularly
tough transition and will provide necessary feedback to parents during the process.

Q: What if my child requires additional support to participate in preschool?
A: We welcome all children into our classes, and work closely with the Supported Child Development Program (SCDP) to
ensure all our children receive the support they deserve to fully participate in our programs. If your child has been
involved in support programs, such as the Infant Development Program, Early Intervention Program or other programs,
please feel free to let us know. We will work with your family and our SCDP Consultant to welcome your family to our

Q: Do you plan field trips?
A: Each year, we plan a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch in October and the skating rink in January. Other field
trips/special guests may be scheduled in accordance with the themes that are planned during the preschool year.

Q: Is there parent participation? Do parents need to volunteer?
A: Faith Lutheran Preschool is not a parent participation preschool, however our field trips require parent participation
since we are unable to provide transportation. Also, throughout the year we may ask for donations of items for special
crafts (ie recycled boxes, paper towel tubes etc) and food items for sharing snacks.

Q: Do you accept the Affordable Childcare Benefit?
A: Yes. This program offers funding to help families with the cost of child care, depending on factors like family size,
type of care and household income. Affordable Child Care Benefit does not cover all fees and families are responsible for
any outstanding fees, including the required Registration fee and deposit. For more information, including details about
eligibility and how to apply, visit gov.bc.ca/affordablechildcarebenefit.

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