Teacher's Workshop & Holidays
The last Monday of every month is the Teacher's Workshop Day.  On this day the Preschool will be closed.  The Preschool closes for all statutory holidays, Christmas (two weeks), Spring Break (one week) and for the summer (July and August).

The teachers are always available to discuss concerns you may have regarding your child.  Parent/Teacher interviews can be arranged on an individual basis to give parents an opportunity to ask questions and to discuss their child's progress, problems and development on a social, emotional, physical, and intellectual level.  Please contact our Preschool teachers to arrange an appointment.

Picture Taking
As part of the Preschool program, twice a year we take still tableau pictures of the children to produce a multi-media story for our Christmas Program and our Good-bye Friends Program.  In December, DVD copies of the program will be available for parents/friend/family members to purchase.  In June, a copy of the class pictures DVD will be included in each child's scrapbook.  

Parent Board
Please check the parent board in the outdoor play area (near the door) for daily/monthly information.

Field Trips
Occasionally, the children will be going on field trips to visit areas of interest in the community.


These Field trips are always an exciting adventure for young children!! Some possibilities are: trip to the pumpkin patch, skating rink, farm, etc.  You will be notified in advance of these trips in the monthly Newsletter and will be required to sign a parent permission form for each trip in order to have your child take part.  If you are available to assist the staff on field trip days we would be very grateful.  

Because the teachers at Faith Lutheran Preschool do not transport the children on field trips, we need to rely on parent volunteers to drive when transportation is required for a field trip.  There will be a sign up sheet for parents who are able to help children who do not have transportation available to them.  

Monthly Newsletter
To keep you updated and informed, we will provide you with a monthly Newsletter.  At the back of the Newsletter, we will include a calendar that will give you an opportunity to see, at a glance, any special days that are coming up as well as the themes for each week.  

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